Fashion Shows

A fashion show is an exhibition of clothes and accessories. These are mostly designs by fashion designers who are trying to set new fashion trends. The structure of these performances is not strictly defined. A fashion show can be performed for an individual, a small group or for an international audience. The classic fashion show agency is usually not responsible for carrying out the fashion show. The main work of a model or show agency is mainly to teach the models and dancers how to perform at a fashion show.

Subcontractors then perform the shows for their clients with these booked models.  INSTYLE MODELS has however demonstrated that there are other ways at the ISPO 2009. The fashion show agency Instyle Models offers clients and their fashion brands a complete, professional show plan. This includes high-fashion models, dancers, children, stylists, makeup artists, dressers, DJ, lighting, sound, and stage equipment.

The following points outline the guidelines for fashion brands, which take into account the procedure of a reputable agency for the implementation of a fashion show. The agency first creates a „needed list“ with the client. Depending on the budget, this is then followed by an individual consultation regarding the choice of music, styling and choreography for the fashion show. The finalization of the planning is done by a presentation of the complete process of the show by the managing agency. Only then, the choosing of the models takes place.  Each model should prepare to be fitted into the collection pieces by the supervising agency. A professional stylist from the agency combines the stylings and adjusts them accordingly to the specific model. The Agency then presents the music to the client for his/her approval.  An exact match of the beats per minute on the catwalk is then rehearsed with a DJ. This arrangement is necessary to ensure a perfect harmony of music and catwalk.

The first rehearsal is carried out by the fashion show agency with their models and choreographers. The final rehearsal involves the client to approve of the performance. A reputable fashion show agency which offers a full-service to its clients must be capable of including the client throughout the event without the need to book extra help. In any case, references based on the video material should be seen and reviewed in detail before a booking.