agency commission

The model agency receives a set commission. As a rule, this shall be comprised of an intermediation commission and a management fee. The agency commission is standardised nationwide at 25%.
As a rule, a model receives his/her fee immediately after receiving remittance advice from the client. There will be a 25% deduction from the model’s fee for the agency commission. However, when a model receives his/her fee before the client has paid, the agency commission gets a 30% charge which means a 5% additional charge for the pre - financing.
In some cases, it is possible for the agency to set a lower service fee, however only subject to certain booking conditions. They will usually be recorded in a “framework agreement” with particular clients, which the model agency will use to ensure a certain fixed contractual volume of bookings. In this way, both parties – the clients and the model agency – receive a certain sense of security and this contributes to a trustworthy co-operation. Should the client not reach the pre-arranged volume of bookings in the long term, the contract will cease to be valid and the model agency will be released from its contractual obligation to offer lower special rates to the client.