best ager

The term Best Ager is used by marketing professionals to describe consumers who are over 50. If one considers that over 40% of the population in Germany is over 49 years old, it is no surprise that one always tries to promote older models in order to create a higher identification value. The Best Agers are seen as well funded, consumer friendly, quality conscious and who bring significant sales potential. With interests that reach well beyond the usual stereotypes such as health articles or classical literature, the Best Ager, and thus the Best Ager models come to the attention of sales strategists. Their purchasing habits are nowadays being analysed in many studies with some surprising results. Most Best Ager models have a very good model book, which they either get from a few years’ experience or through a variety of bookings (frequent advertising for products), often within a short time period. They acquire a range of beautiful publications from bookings which may then be used in their book or sedcard.