A booker is an employee of the modelling agency who offers and books models for the client. He is a direct contact person and is constantly in intensive contact with the models. The booker receives the client’s requests, offers him suitable models and processes the whole enquiry. The negotiation of Buyouts is also one of his tasks. Furthermore, after a successful handling of an invoice order, including expenses, the booker passes it on to accounting. Also, when problematic cases arise (such as an illness of a model), the booker is responsible for finding a replacement model for the client. Bookers are independently in charge of their projects (completion of a photo shooting etc.) However, in some cases, for e.g. for a large, upcoming fashion show, the entire booking team work together to bring together their individual responsibilities and ensure that the show is a success. The active customer acquisition is also an essential task of a booker that is not be neglected. In times of the economic crisis, it is always about having enough jobs for the models to successfully address new, important clients. This contributes to the stabilisation of the company and secures the booker’s job.