The modelling agency agrees with the client a specific time period in which the publication or usage of the model’s pictures are allowed to be used for marketing/promotion purposes. Should the client want to use the images for a longer period, he must acquire the rights for this purpose or indeed buy them. In this case, a buyout between the modelling agency and the client will be renegotiated. These restrictions of use must always be recorded in the booking confirmation, otherwise after the booking; there can be no further use of the publicised pictures. It is the agency’s duty to monitor and protect these picture rights. It is a very complex process and research work is a very fundamental element here.  In order to determine/ascertain the exact surcharge, there are the Velma lists, which list the individual Buyouts of placards, posters, internet, film etc. Both the modelling agency and the client can use this list to get a better picture.  Furthermore, there is also the exclusive-buyout. Exclusive sales are regulated with an exclusive-buyout license. This license offers a maximum of rights and privileges to the client. The exclusive-buyout expands the client’s rights so that the pictures may also be used, for example, for commercial purposes which promote the image as a main component of an offer or in conjunction with a product (calendar, poster, etc.)