casting board

The homepage of many modelling agencies is subdivided into categories. One of which is the Casting board, as with Instyle Models. This board is adorned with different models. Here, not only do you find the classic model with the sizes 90-60-90 and the international catwalk model (see Fashion Models), but also authentic and impressive characters for advertising. The models in this category can also be named “people”, “commercials” or “characters”. Each model agency decides how to name these categories. The casting model can be used in different ways: as a hostess at events, as an advertising face, as a sports model or as a promotional model for different brands. Those that are listed in Casting differ considerably from the classic model sizes and are smaller than the usual models with more distinctive faces. The casting board offers male as well as female models, actors and even often animals. Hence, the model agency replaces the conventional casting agencies, which ultimately do not do anything for the client other than search through a large portfolio for the perfect cast of their TV commercial or photo-shoot, and if in doubt to seek one when necessary.

Also, models with little experience and picture material can be placed for the time being on the casting board and be built up from there. It is not unusual that new faces (see new faces) are placed on the Casting board, built up and then just after a few months, find themselves on the fashion board.