fashion show agency

The classic fashion show agency is not usually familiar with carrying out a fashion show. The work of a model agency involves only the pure technicalities of working with the models and dancers for the fashion show. Subcontractors then carry out the shows with these booked models for their clients. INSTYLE MODELS, however has shown that there is another way at the ISPO 2009.The fashion show agency Instlye Models offers the clients and their fashion brands a comprehensive and professional show concept. This includes: high fashion models, dancers, children, stylists, make-up artists, dressers, DJs, lighting, sound and stage equipment. The following points give the fashion brands a guideline and take into account a reputable agency’s implementation of a fashion show. The agency develops a „Needed List“with the clients. Depending on the budget, this is followed by an individual consultation for the client, regarding the choice of music, the styling, and the choreography pieces of the specified fashion show. The finalisation of the planning is done by a presentation of everything that has been taken into account by the leading agency.  

Only then does the allocation of each model begin. Each model should be prepared for the fitting of the collection’s fashion pieces by the supervising agency. A professional stylist from the agency combines the styles and fits them individually to the model. The show agency submits the music editing to the client for approval. This synchronisation is essential to be able to guarantee a perfect harmony between music and catwalk. The first rehearsal (trial) the agency conducts with just their models and choreographers. The final rehearsal (the dress rehearsal) is seen and approved by the client. A reputable fashion agency is one that offers a complete service to its clients and keeps the client informed about the fashion show without adding further external competencies. In any case, references from video material should be seen and checked by the agency before the booking.