model agency

A model agency acts as a service provider and mediates between the model and client. The client is in this case, an advertising agency, a photographer, a sports group or a fashion house. One of the main tasks of a model agency is to build as large as possible customer base for the model and to continuously assign her tasks.  The model agency is the contact person, the organiser and the career planner. Furthermore, the agency deals with the processing of the invoices, sets the wage fee and researches buyouts as well as negotiate the buyouts with the clients. A model agency offers the model additional legal protection and a smooth execution of contracts.

Moreover, the agency establishes the models. This means that the agency invests in the photo shootings, creates a comp card and a model book. For a professional comp card and a meaningful model book, different photo shoots and publications are necessary. The agency recommends jobs to the model, sends her to castings and organises Go&Sees. In addition, the client finds the models on the modelling agency’s homepage and thereby gets a first impression of the models. He has the chance to choose the right model and approach the agency with an already precise assignment for the chosen model.

On the model agency’s Instyle Models’ homepage, the client can make a pinpointed search for suitable models by criteria, and from there he has the opportunity to directly print the model’s comp card.

Instyle Models does not only specialise in one area, but comprehends several core competencies and allocates a specialised area to a booker.  Consequently, one can find all these categories at Instyle Models: fashion models, models, people, best ager, children, dancers, moderators and promotion models.

A booker is responsible for the dancers and picks dancers with different styles and dance techniques and is always on the search for choreographers with fresh and eccentric ideas. Thus the pool of dancers at Instyle models is constantly expanding and offers the client new variations of the usual Fashion show.

Another core competency of the Agency Instyle Models lies in the construction and expansion of the Fashion Board. It strives to seek collaborations with foreign model agencies and to summon models on-stay. Moreover, the agency Instyle Models prepares their own fashion models to place them abroad as a parent agency.

Because of the wide choice the agency offers, Instyle Models provides a service to the client that hardly any worldwide agency has: the client does not have to look through many different modelling agencies to book models, dancers and/or moderators, instead he can find them all in one agency.