A model is a professional whose task is to directly or indirectly present her face and body for the purpose of advertising and for an increase in sales.

There are different ways, one can become a model. One of which is being discovered by an agency (see scout) and become established. Or, one can apply directly to an agency.  Moreover, one can have varying degrees of success in the modelling world: there are the well-known high-fashion models such as Claudia Schiffer, Gisele Bündchen, Eva Padberg who earn money thanks to their names. Then, there are models whose main career is that of a model but they are not as well-known and run for many Fashion Shows in Paris, Mailand und New York. In addition, there are models who only work as a part-time model and can rather be found in the “people” category or casting (see Casting board).

The agency Instyle Models collaborates with models from different areas. In doing so, it places a lot of importance on the mutual trust between the model and then agency, as only then a long-term and successful work can be guaranteed.

The model is contracted by the agency Instyle Models and then becomes established. In order to work successfully as a model, it is very important to get a lot of experience in interaction with the camera as well as having good body posture and the ability to do posing. The more orders a model gets, the more she continues to evolve in the fashion industry. She also builds up more self-esteem through working with the client or other models and also the posing for the camera.

To be a successful model, it is important to have many publications, especially on the covers of fashion magazines, for e.g. such as: Vogue, Elle etc. In this way, a model enhances her image and the agency then receives more requests for new and better paid jobs.

The agency Instyle Models not only organises Castings, Go&Sees and then ultimately a job, but they also support the model in her personal development. The model receives, for e.g. catwalk training – where the agency shows the model the basic techniques for walking and presenting the clothes on a catwalk. The model can be placed for small shows and will receive training and experience. This experience will be built up from job to job and the model will become versatile for national and international fashion shows.