mother agency

A mother agency refers to a modelling agency which exclusively represents the model. This means, that the model is not listed in any other agency, or rather, if she would like to be placed with another agency, this must be discussed with the mother agency and consent for this must be given. In doing so, the mother agency has the right to forbid the placement within the country, especially if it is in the same city. The mother agency builds the model up, places her internationally, organises castings and Go & Sees and invests in the sedcard and the model book. The agency, and respectively the mother agency, offer the model to the clients and arrange as many jobs as possible. Collaborations with foreign model agencies are especially interesting and important, as the model gets more experience in the field of photo production and fashion shows, collects picture material for her model book and becomes reputable worldwide.  For the model agency, and respectively the mother agency, the collaborations are of interest, especially from an economic point of view, as with every successful booking made through the collaboration agency, the model agency, and respectively the mother agency receive a 10% commission fee.  The model agency, Instyle Models, possesses an excellent network of reputable agencies and co-operation partners worldwide. The agency, Instyle Models, has the chance to place the models abroad and to represent them as their mother agency, which in turn gives the model more experience and makes her more interesting for the international market.