product launch

Product launches –such as for a new car, a fashion collection or just a new product (such as shampoo) are important events in every aspiring business and have to be perfectly marketed.

Due to the fast moving economy, the constant development of new technology, there is an urge to make every product launch even more impressive than the last, and to provide exceptional items. Businesses look for agencies which can perfectly highlight the product launch at exhibition fairs or in their own premises. Here, it is not only the authentic communication of a product that is at the forefront, but also the Infotainment, especially at shows. The company does not only want to host a spectacular event but also share detailed product information with the customers which will in turn inspire them.

The presentation of the product should trigger some emotions and remain firmly anchored in memory to inspire the purchase: this applies to traders as well as the consumers. In connection with the product launch, specialised model agencies and show agencies will always play a major role. Professional models and/or dancers showcase the product perfectly to the target audience, through well-aligned choreography. Instyle Models GmbH’s show department has specialised in this field with excellent references worldwide. The service of the agency, Instyle Models, does not end with the placing of models, dancers or acrobats but it also includes the development and implementation of an integrated show plan for each market sector.