A scout is usually a freelancer from the modelling agency who travels around the world to find new faces/potential models. A scout is almost always „at work“, as he discovers new boys and girls on the street and talks to them. Scouts are key employees of a modelling agency as they provide new faces and put newcomers on to the board. Sometimes the head booker also goes scouting to build up a model board and to search for suitable newcomers to be offered to the key accounts. A model scout is paid in the form of a fixed agreement for the discovery and search for a new model, or as – similar to a co-operative agency – with every job, he receives 10% commission from the model’s wage. However this commission should be compensated by the model agency’s commission – it should not be deducted from the model. A model scout must be always up to date with the trends, whether colours or fashion, as well as recognising early what type of model will be in demand this season. This talent is the asset of a successful model scout.