The sedcard (also known as composite card =  comp card) contains business card images of the model and is a very important component of the model.

It is most commonly in A5 format. On the sedcard there is a selection of the model’s best pictures and the following information: the model’s size, the model’s name, the modelling agency’s name, and the contact details of the agency. The model’s sedcard will be sent out by email by request to the client, in order to present the model. After receiving the sedcard, the client may ask for further pictures or invite the model to a casting. The sedcard is available in PDF format and also in printed form at the agency. The choice of images is decided for the model by the modelling agency and the chief booker. The personal opinion of the model for the choice of pictures does not have much significance, as the booker knows exactly what the client is looking for and therefore must present the model a certain way in order to put her in the best possible position on the market.