At a shooting, professional photos are taken by a photographer for a specific purpose, usually to be used for public representations. This may involve taking pictures of models, animals, nature, or objects. The organisation and the implementation of a shooting takes a lot of time and effort with the involvement of all the different entities. At a photo shooting with a model, the client’s advertising agency develops a concept whereby many details should be considered such as, for e.g. What should be shown on the pictures? Which location is best suited for the production? How does the client want to communicate the product to the consumer? Once the agency has developed the concept completely, they turn to the model agency with their requests to ensure that the right model is cast for the job. Then it is up to the agency, the advertisers and the client to submit suggestions for the right model and to determine their favourites from this selection. Once the model is booked, the implementation of the idea now begins to get underway. A photographer, make-up artist and stylist are all needed to make this transformation/change possible and a precise production plan must be created in which the complete sequence of the shooting is determined. Only through this planning and preparation can a shooting be a success for all involved.