test shooting

A test shoot is the first step of every model in the business. If the model has no photo material then the model cannot be suggested and presented to the client, resulting in no bookings. Initially the model needs to invest in a test shoot but usually the money for the test shoot can be earned back after the first job. The test shoot is also essential for the making of the comp card. A good test shoot with styling, make up and in 5 different settings will cost around €400-800. Test shoots are also available in the form of a free production. In doing so, the photographer, the make-up artist and the stylist prepare the shoot at their own cost, which will then be sold to newspapers and magazines. Each party therefore invests in its own work. In these circumstances, the model works „for free“ but can then use the resulting images in her book and comp card. A test-shoot thus can also be seen as a trade-off.