promotion agency

To boost sales figures and to increase the motivation for purchase-making, a promotion carried out by a team of professionals is the perfect means of doing this.
A promotion is an action used to increase sales, often used by fashion shows to raise their sales or by model hostesses at fairs and roadshows to promote a product.
Models and hostesses present the latest collections/products of the company and advise the customer. As part of this sales promotion, the measures directly address the final consumer at the point of sale.
This innovative customer proximity when using models leads to greater sales on site and thus an increase in demands for sale promotions.
The promotion can be individually tailored to each client; some clients book a colour and style consultation, others book a professional make up-artist to go the extra mile for their customers – these actions all pay off!
Thase goal of these measures is to make consumers aware of certain products or activities, and to establish the best possible incentive to purchase the services or products.
Sales promotions are becoming increasingly popular, as the final customers want and appreciate the direct contact with the hostesses as well as their advice.
Sales promotions almost always lead to sensational sales for the customer. Our company puts together the perfect team for you and offers optional facilities and technology.
These teams then present the goods (and often hardware) of the client internationally and thus promote sales.