sales promotion

Any temporary, short-term, promotional activities are referred to as ‘sales promotions’ in the marketing communication policy. These serve to increase the sale returns through the use of targeted, product-oriented assignments carried out by professional promotional and trade hostesses.
Sales promotions are among the best known ways to greatly increase sales figures.

Medium-sized businesses as well as large corporations place great importance on top quality sales promotions and we always consider new ideas and strategies to help increase your customers’ purchase motivation.

When carrying out your promotion it is important to stand out from the crowd!
The composition of promotional teams is crucial to a successful sales promotion.
The sales promotion should be tailored to the individual customer and the product that is to be presented. Meanwhile the sales team plays a major role, since they can be the contact person for the customer in the retail outlet.
The hostesses are trained on the product and advise the customer by providing background information about it and are able to showcase it in a consumer-friendly manner.